26th January Republic Day 2017: Photos Pictures and Greetings

26th January Republic Day Photos Pictures and Greetings: –  Motherland India is a democratic country. She has vast territories have embarked in various forms. Nowadays, India has come up will amazing aspirations and devotion to celebrating the valuable days of motherland one of which is ‘Republic Day’, which is celebrated on 26th January. It was one of the landmark national days, when we vow our national flag and constitution all the promises concisely. We convey our love and devotion through wishing all our loved ones with the respectful yet affectionate, patriotism quotes to our loved ones, friends or families.

26th January Republic Day 2017: Photos Pictures and Greetings
26th January Republic Day 2017: Photos Pictures and Greetings


Republic Day Greetings and Photos

Change in India or Change India both have distinct meanings, but changing for good and prosperity is what India is recognized for.

It is the blessings on us by our motherland country, the prosperity and love instilled by the freedom fighters, May all this live-forever, So that we rejoice on the blessings given to us by Bharat Mata.

By saluting the rising sun, by greeting our motherland before the sun, that we bow at her feet, by all due respect, we wish you all a very Happy Republic Day!

I am very proud that my motherland makes millions of meet and sweats on this, by making us proud of this auspicious Republic Day.

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  1. Arise yourself and think like one, that we shall forget our differences to build like one, Happy Republic Day!
  2. My motherland has gone through many stressful times, where she was a hope of all the hands that have borne, Today I am thankful to our country for being there in our thick and thins, I wish you all a very Happy Republic Day!
  3. Republic Day of India has embarked its place and made a bridge of hope by bringing up the establishment of constitution too. Makes me say aloud Bharat Mata KI Jai!
  4. My motherland is my hope in dark, which is my harbour light for my troubled ships and I wish my motherland and her children a very auspicious Happy Republic Day!
  5. My motherland has given a unique identity to everyone. Where she still is spreading her glory. As we have come from her dust we will die in become the dust of her feet. Happy Republic Day!!
  6. Unity in diversity is been taught to children these days, our motherland is the sign of hope, that we desire, prospects and shows our strength when she plays the role of a lighthouse alone in an ocean. Happy Republic Day!!
  7. Our soldiers that protect us that never sway, come to hear me, as I have a thing to say, Calling out the name of India as one an aloud, is what I want to convey, to everyone Happy Republic Day!
  8. Over the years have passed, Past all the dreams and sorrows, our motherland understands us with just a drop of tears and water. She embraces us with all her heart. To make our life journey to get a kick-start. Happy Republic Day from a heart to may hearts.
  9. Not only humans but animals too, Salute our devotion to you, Oh! Motherland you are a real life hero. That has always cared in the pains and sorrows. Today celebrating your days makes me overwhelmed with all the heroes on the borders standing straight.
  10. India received its own stake of Constitution after the Independence day, that gave birth to the modified set of law and order that must be followed by us, In the glory of India which we celebrate every year by hoisting this tri-colour flag.

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National anthem conveys to us, all the dimensions of our mother earth, It shows a little territory of us Indians, where all the beautiful locations are in various variation, within her arms I want to stay, I am keen to proudly convey, Bharat Mata KI Jai.

Earth has many countries that contain different territories, amongst all of them, I feel united as one, Being that Indian, as the citizen of India, I would like to send a message to one and all of Happy Republic Day and hoist the flag in the name of our lord.

Cores of God we pray, we worship them every day, with all my heart from the point where I start, I believe in considering my life as a penny without my loving motherland country, My India.

I love my India, with various colours she is dressed in; her beautiful eyes and her arm comfort us and protect us from various uncertainties. Her dignity lies in her deliberation for millions of us. Today on this day, I pledge to protect my motherland and in return, she will give me a house in her heart to stay for long.

We as Indian are one citizen, who has the right to celebrate National days with the desire of patriotism.

Inculcate patriotism in every kid, so that in every breathe they take the name of their motherland, educate them about the significance of Republic day. At schools together in a uniform they will all pray, for the forever dignity of our motherland and ask her to stay with us forever.

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Happy Republic Day Pictures

I love my country, I don’t have words to describe how, Love which I have for her is very devotional, I pray for my country for her life-long toughness which she taught me to face all my issues by believing in her. And because of her I live in a country where Constitution of India is referred.

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An auspicious day for all of us to celebrate, a day that makes me proud with no doubt i love my motherland with all I have, I love those inhabitants likely human by birth I love the living beings residing and being a part of this land, we all Indians shout out loud , with all feel affection for our one and only Motherland India.


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Our national anthem is played whenever and wherever we are presenting ourselves in a group, to educate one and all the importance of our soul ,that calls out the name of my motherland to pay a tribute to this land.


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Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar was a wise man; he blessed us with our countries Constitution of India. Our identity was now recognized because of such knowledgeable person who understood the importance of law and order in our world. I salute to him and my motherland for giving birth to such a shining star at the darkest hours of our time.


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Enjoy the best devotional love for our mother India. Stay tuned for more. Thanks for visiting us. Stay Updated to get information about Republic Day Wallpaper and Republic Day Messages.

Happy Republic Day!!!!

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